Artist Bios


artist producer and egineer

Up and coming out of Albany New York, bringing the new single fire love. 1st is on to something with the smooth crossover Soul Hip Hop and R&B. Working hard on the album with a creative new sound thats going to impact the industry.



This artist is best known for his wordplay and crafty cadences. $moke has been leaving a trail of just that on the local music scene since hitting it this last year. Some of his notable songs are S.T.G.I.M.M.F and MOTTO

MTM Ghettyboii

This young sratlite prides himself on his originality and style. He has a unique style mixed with charisma and rugged delivery makes this artist a must listen. Check him out you'll see there's more than meets the eye. Some notable tracks from him are Leeches and Quiet Storm

Savage 8300

This artist talks to your soul. He comes from a background full of pain but, instead of using that to live recklessly he uses it to warn the youth what lurks in our society. Some notable tracks from Sav are Slide and Pain Away


This artist is new into the music scene already very comfortable on a track and ready to spread his music to the world. Being very adaptive blaze can rap over many styles with ease. He has feature on tracks like Same Energy Stay tuned to more from Blaze

Trintadelic Exposure

Meet the DopeAF photographer not only does he take the best photos any independent photography could take. He also is the manager and assist executive to 1ST.